Photography Society

Society of the Year 2022-2023

About Photography Society

We are the Society of the Year 2022-23.

We are not having weekly meetings this term, instead focussing on getting out and about to photograph events on campus! Weekly details are posted in our What's App group and Instagram. 

We host an exhibition at the end of every semester.

All levels of photography are welcome, on phone or camera.

We have a society camera you can use!

Commuter-friendly society - you can participate in your own time remotely if necessary! 

We pick a theme each week, take photos and share them. We build up a portfolio of work leading to our exhibitions.

We regularly host guest speakers on photography topics.

We are kindly supported and advised by a photography lecturer at SETU.

We look forward to meeting you!

Current Committee 4
Chairperson (name hidden)
Secretary (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
Education Officer (name hidden)

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