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Posted On 28th Feb 2024
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Author Antoinette Jordan (Education Officer)

EU-CONEXUS annual call for cultural and artistic project proposals

SETU is part of the EU-CONEXUS network of universities.

The annual call for cultural and artistic project proposals is open to all EU-CONEXUS students community - this includes SETU.
  • For academic year 2023/2024, the call will only be dedicated to visual arts projects such as painting, drawing, sculpture, design, photography, video, sewing and fiber arts, digital art, mixed media, etc.
  • Any other forms of arts that can be translated into a visual representation (photo, video) are accepted.
  • The projects submitted by the students can be made individually or in groups.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to implement their visual arts projects with other students of partner universities of the EU-CONEXUS Alliance.

Guidelines for visual arts projects

  • Photos should be submitted in high resolution (at least 2480 x 3720 and minimum 300 dpi) so that they can be printed on different media for exhibitions.
  • Dimensions can either be portrait or landscape.
  • Movies/documentaries can be presented in national languages but with English subtitles. Expected duration for these type of projects are 10 minutes.
  • Non digital projects can either be sent by post to the place of exhibitions or if they cannot be easily transported, be translated into a digital representation.
  • If the project submitted needs technical assistance (material, equipment…) in order to be presented, please specify your needs when submitting the project.
  • Students are encouraged to submit a short paragraph describing their project and any other interesting inspiration or process behind the work (see the application form).

Selection criteria

Visual arts projects will be selected based on the following criteria and out of 10 points :

  • • Project creativity - 3 points
  • • Project originality - 2 points
  • • Project quality - 2 points
  • • Inspired by Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability - 2 points
  • • Inter institutional project with other EU-CONEXUS partners – 1 point

Submission of cultural & artistic projects

Visual arts projects must be submitted via EU-CONEXUS website by filling in the corresponding application form

Link EU-CONEXUS Annual call for cultural and artistic project proposals - EU-CONEXUS 

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